Challenge details

It is exciting that you are taking a look at the True Health Challenge. In our current world, it is not always clear, convenient or affordable to get what is best for our health. This often hinders us from moving forward.


But imagine doing a health challenge with a personal guide in touch with you from day 1; A program that focuses on facts not fads; A program with lots of flexibility and convenience; A program that focuses on a lifestyle change with a philosophy of nutrition, supplementation and positive mindset rather than a quick fix; A program that works!


The True Health Challenge is an excellent choice for you to break the habits and kick off a brand new you. It has done wonders for many and surely will do the same for you.

Key Points

  • Not a diet but an understanding of healthy eating and optimum nutrition
  • Simple and affordable. NO GYM MEMBERSHIP needed!!
  • Option to help a charity of your choice through 'Charity Shed' & True Health Foundation
  • Personal support which can be done online & offline in many cities worldwide
  • Lose unwanted weight, increase energy & build confidence




Men & women 18 years and over who want to make a positive shift in their health. The challenge is open in 20 countries ie. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. It’s all conveniently done on the phone and online so it’s very flexible. We found that it adds motivation to join with friends so doing it with a family member / buddy can be beneficial.




  • Participants typically lose 1-2 kgs in the first 5 days and 2-8 kgs total after 5 weeks **
  • Get rid of carb and sugar cravings
  • Save money on grocery expenses with healthy, delicious smoothies and snacks
  • Boost your energy during the day
  • Enjoy a more restful sleep at night
  • Build confidence with your new healthy self
  • Learn many truths and myths about wellness with a library of media collection
  • Have a personal mentor for the duration of the challenge
  • Understand fundamentals of nutrition, healthy eating, and proper supplementation
  • Gain overall health and well being
  • Simple and flexible which makes it easy to fit into someone’s busy schedule. Plus 5-weeks is not that long! It’s very achievable.

** Results vary as with any health or fitness program. If you aim to lose more than 8kgs, specify this during your consultation and your program can be adjusted accordingly.


  • 60 min True Health Introduction Course with a True Health Ambassador
  • Personal weekly follow up on your program. You will not be alone!
  • Free weekly resources providing you with information on important health topics that will help you understand your body on a deeper level
  • 5 Day RESET Detox pack. (Meal replacement smoothies & snacks to keep you nourished for 5 days / week 1)
  • 4 weeks (28 days) supply of delicious healthy meal replacement smoothies
  • 4 weeks (28 days) supply of tasty low-GI snacks
  • 5 weeks (33 days) supply of the #1 rated multi-vitamin in the world
  • In total, that’s 72 meal replacement smoothie servings and 38 snacks included in the cost of the program!
  • 5-week program guide





*Product delivery right to your doorstep is $10 Prices are in Australian Dollars. We can quote you the cost in a different country.




We want to ensure you are well prepared for the next 5 weeks by equipping you with the tools and mindset that you need.

You start with a 60 minute True Health Introduction Course with one of the True Health Ambassadors about the fundamentals of good nutrition. It will cover topics such as:

Powerful Mindset
Alkaline vs Acidic
Glycemic Index (G.I.)
Macro & Micro Nutrients

During this session, we will also set your goals and plan the road to get there.

It’s during this week that we design a food-plan that is realistic to prepare with your current lifestyle. We will choose foods that you enjoy eating.

WEEK 1 (First 5 Days)

We start to break the unhealthy habits by cleansing your body with the 5 Day RESET. This is a top of the line detox done through low-GI foods that fuels your body with essential nutrients instead of starving it and harming your body.

WEEK 2 to WEEK 5 (Next 28 Days)

Transform your body by eating 5 healthy meals a day and moderate exercise that suits you. You will be enjoying nutritious smoothies and maintaining the consumption of low-GI foods.


Where do you want to be 5 weeks from now? Massive changes can be made in a small amount of time. If you think this is for you, then let’s do this challenge together!